Super Kit Trim Healthy Mama (Super Sweet Blend 1lb, Pressed Peanut Flour 1lb, Baking Blend 1lb)

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----Baking Blend (Gluten-Free) 16oz Bag:------ Finally a gluten-free, low glycemic baking mix that isn?t excessively loaded with fuel. Our blend also contains disease-fighting lignans and satisfies any hungry tummy with large amounts of insoluble fiber. The problem with most gluten-free baking blends is that they are usually too high in either carbs or fat. Treats made with these can still come with a waistline price tag unless you eat tiny portions. And who wants to do that? We were determined to create a blend that is not only gentle on blood sugar, but also gentle on calories. Now there is plenty of room to slather some butter on your muffin and indulge in more than a morsel of brownies. ---------De-Fatted Peanut Flour 16oz Bag:------- Most of us are addicted to the stuff! It basically flows in our veins and comforts our taste buds. The problem is, there can be too much of a good thing when it comes to overdoing peanuts and peanut butter. While nuts are part of the Trim Healthy Mama plan, all those dense calories can be easily eaten in excess. They can cling to places on our bodies that we least want them to and drive us nuts! Here at Trim Healthy Mama we know the need to keep flavor of peanuts alive, even while whittling our waistlines. Our De-fatted Peanut Flour is the answer to a mouthful of peanutty pleasure without guilt or a stubborn scale. ---Super Sweet Blend: (Erythritol & Stevia) 16oz Bag---- This blend is the perfect combination of two natural sweeteners, non GMO erythritol and our Organic Pure Stevia Extract Powder. Both are diabetic friendly, offer numerous health benefits and have no impact upon blood sugar.

  • – High Source of Protein
  • – Natural Energy Booster
  • – Promotes Joint Health
  • - Allergen Information: Manufactured in a facility that also processes eggs, dairy and wheat. Store in a cool dry place.
  • - Contains No: Antibiotics, Hormones, Pesticides, Preservatives and Additives