CycleBeads, Helps a Woman Track her Cycle with a Color-Coded String of Beads and Clearly Identify The Days When Pregnancy is Most Likely

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About the product
  • Helps a woman track her cycle with a color-coded string of beads and clearly identify the days when pregnancy is most likely. It is proven to be more than 95% effective to prevent or plan a pregnancy.
  • CycleBeads are most effective when your menstrual cycles are regularly between 26 and 32 days long. CycleBeads will help you determine if your cycles are in this range and whether they stay in this range. If you have cycles outside this range, you should use a different method of family planning to prevent pregnancy.
  • A hands-on visual tool used by millions of women worldwide, CycleBeads is the original way to identify your fertile days using the Standard Days Method of family planning.
  • CycleBeads is a color-coded string of beads representing a your menstrual cycle. It helps you track your cycle, identify your fertile days and non-fertile days, and monitor your cycle lengths to see if they stay in the range for effective use of this family planning method.
  • A woman can plan or prevent pregnancy easily and effectively with this easy-to-use tool.