Ancient Nutrition KetoFEAST (15 Servings (Large Canister), Chocolate)

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About the product
  • FIRST OF ITS KIND, KETO-FRIENDLY MEAL REPLACEMENT: KetoFEAST is proverbial ìfeastî for the keto dietóa delicious shake and meal replacement powered by an impressive list of nutrient-dense foods often missing from our modern diets, including bone broth, chia and tiger nuts, fermented herbs, mushrooms and spices, live probiotics, prebiotics and enzymes, nutrient-dense green foods and sprouts, coconut, coffee cherry extract, and apple cider vinegar.
  • ESSENTIAL: KetoFEAST Chocolate provides key nutrients the body needs to get in the ìketoî zone, including 17 grams of real whole food bone broth-powered protein, 20 grams of healthy fats (including ìketo superfoodî organic bone broth oil and MCTS (medium-chain triglycerides) and only 5 grams of carbs, PLUS approximately 50mg of naturally occurring caffeine per serving and 21 whole food, fermented vitamins and minerals.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: A delicious, convenient meal replacement drink that is free of dairy, grain, gluten, soy and is non-GMO, KetoFEAST Chocolate provides your body with keto-balanced nutrition, PLUS itís great for almost any kind of low-carb diet plan.
  • FAST RESULTS: Easily and smoothly mixes or blends into a keto ìmeal-on-the-goî shake. You can help get yourself into the ìketoî zone with protein- and fat-supplying KetoFEAST Chocolate by simply mixing or blending it into your preferred liquid in less than 60 seconds.
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